Protect your Family. Protect your property. Keep Damage and Harm at Bay Keep what’s yours Safe.

Security Items

Wireless Strobe Siren

An alarm system that uses a siren along with a strobe light in cases of burglary. Powerful batteries keep working in power cuts. Different alerts for theft and fire.

Wireless Villa Video Door Phone

Wireless monitoring, indoors and outdoors coupled with dual phones. E-lock controls and communication range of 100 meters.

GSM GPS Car Alarm System

GSM GPS Car Alarm is a combination of mobile GSM communication, GPS locating technology and the rolling code technology of MICROCHIP.

Effective Home Security Affordable Prices Complete Protection

Crime is for real. Homes of even the best-guarded personalities are being ransacked and vandalized every other day. You can take it for granted that the scenario is bleaker for the ones who are not so well-covered with security blankets. In other words, you are looking at a security concern that involves your family as well. The time has come for you to wake up to home securities system. This can be a life-saver at any point, retrieve stolen property and safeguard your home.

Home security systems are about alarms and security cameras that you can install. Alarms get the needed security personnel on the infiltrated spot in no time. Cameras help you identify perpetrators and retrieve stolen property. Secure entries and exits with home security. Traditional locks and bolts have actually become obsolete. It’s time you invested in a state-of-the-art home security system to be safe and also ensure the safety and privacy of your dear ones.

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