Monitored Home Security Systems

Monitored Home Security Systems

There’s a big difference between a standard home security systems and a monitored security system. Monitored home security systems help protect your Orem home by monitoring for burglaries and other emergencies. Many national home security providers, including ADT, deliver burglary monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week. But that’s not the case with all home security providers in Orem, so be sure to understand the level of monitoring you’ll get before signing a contract.

Benefits of monitored security systems:

Better surveillance – Every that offers monitored service has a designated number of monitoring centers. The more they have, the better. If there’s a power outage at one center, the others will still be able to monitor your home. Never settle for less than four interconnected monitoring centers.

High-tech, wireless systems – The latest monitored security systems are wireless. Unlike hard-wired systems, wireless systems can be installed without the mess and in a lot less time. They’re also equipped to work if there’s a power outage. ADT systems include battery backup so your Orem home will be monitored for up to 12 hours after a power outage.

Professional Installation – It’s essential to have your system set up by a certified . This will ensure your system is working properly. Plus, most installers will walk you through each feature so you can make the most of all the home security technology.

How monitoring centers help protect your Orem home:

A security monitoring center is typically backed by the latest technology and a large staff of home security professionals. They use advanced equipment to monitor your home around the clock. If a break-in occurs, the home security provider will try to reach you. If they can’t, they’ll immediately contact Orem authorities who will respond by heading to your residence.


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