10tips to keep your home safe

10 tips to keep your home safe


Be it a metropolis or a small city, the incidents of theft are increasing continuously. People working in the house also clean their hands as soon as they see the opportunity. Apart from protecting yourself and the house from them, it is also necessary to keep the house safe in every way so that your family can live in it in peace  mahendra kaushik is telling how to keep the house safe

1. With great difficulty you have gathered the goods in the house. To protect it, it is necessary that never be careless. Don’t trust anyone outside. Especially if someone is saying that he will polish your gold jewellery sitting at home or take your old notes and give you new notes. These are all cheating methods.

2. Put an alarm outside the house, which will sound when someone is forced into the house and you can keep yourself safe from thieves or any other suspicious person. Thieves often enter inside only by breaking the front door, so to avoid theft, put a security alarm there.

3. Instead of installing security locks on both front and rear doors, get death bolts. They are stronger than locks and cannot be easily broken. You can also put them on the windows

4. Make sure to have a peep hole on the door so that you can see who is outside. This peep hole should be with 180 degree fish eye lens. Apart from this, home security systems such as emergency smoke, heat and fire alarms must also be installed.

5. Put a fence around your house. This is your first line of protection that is not easy for thieves to break. For this you can use barbed or crooked wires.

6. If it is dark in the house, then such house is most prone to thieves, so arrange adequate lighting in your house, balcony or compound.

7. Put thick and heavy curtains on the windows. It may sound strange, but it can prevent the possibility of theft. Thin or transparent curtains, of course, look beautiful, but expensive furniture and other decorative items visible out of them can provoke a thief to steal.

8. Keeping a dog in the house for safety is a great idea. Especially if you live on the ground floor. The dog can alert you immediately if a stranger tries to break into your home.

9. Always take care of security even when you are at home. Always keep doors locked. When the call bell rings, peek through the peep hole or use a video-alert device. Even if the person tells himself to be a phone caller, electrician or electricity meter reading etc., then also first check his card. If you have a balcony in your house, then always keep its windows and doors closed.

10. Never open your cabinets in front of maids, housekeepers or strangers. No matter how many years he has been working with you, do not take out your jewellery money or other valuables in front of him and do not even talk about the transaction of money in front of him.

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