Home security, systems, camera surveillance, home alarms, safes, cameras (hidden and spy), are all becoming more common place in protecting homes and families from increases in crime and vandalism throughout the world.

Home security, systems, camera surveillance, home alarms, safes, cameras (hidden and spy), are all becoming more common place in protecting homes and families from increases in crime and vandalism throughout the world.

A Home is Burgled Every 30 Seconds
Is Your Home Secure or Could it be Next?

You can reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime by learning and adopting the many security tips included in our new manual ‘How to Protect your Family and Belongings Now’. This 211 page manual is available for instant Download Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, remove those opportunities by improving your home security and deter the burglars from choosing your home in favour of easier, less risky pickings elsewhere.

Burglars target specific areas of a property to gain an entrance. In many cases they will inspect the target premises in advance, noting the various access points: windows, doors, skylights, garages, sheds and possible escape routes. They will note the level of home security: alarm systems, cameras, locks, the visibility from the road or other premises and noise factors such as gravel drives, dogs or geese.

Many of these simple security and safety precautions will cost you nothing to implement. Even installing or upgrading your home security systems won’t cost you a fortune and may well pay dividends in more ways than one; reducing the risk of crime (the police admit that a visible alarm system reduces the chance of burglary considerably), cutting household insurance bills and improving the peace of mind of you and your family (QUALITY OF LIFE).

Some local council’s even give discounts on security installations, especially to pensioners whose homes have been repeatedly broken into. Some charities like, ‘Help the Aged’ also run similar schemes. Your local police crime prevention office should be able to advise you of any local schemes, as well as advise you generally on home security.

Most house burglaries occur either during the day or on dark afternoons/evenings when the house is unlit. Burglars often work alone and always search for unoccupied premises, so don’t advertise your absence when you’re on holiday, or even out at work or shopping. Night-time burglaries are normally concentrated on business premises, garden sheds and garages.

Unfortunately there is an increasing trend for violent invasion robbers (often more than one) to forcefully enter your property (normally after dark), to steal your belongings and or your car. They rely on their strong physical presence to gain control and instil fear in their victims, some apparently enjoying and getting an additional thrill from the intimidation, threats, domination and violence. Once the robbers are in control they can force you to disclose any information and give them anything that they require.

Today, more households than ever appreciate the need for and the value of good home security to protect their families, homes and belongings. In the last nine years the number of homes that have installed security lights and burglar alarms has almost doubled with significant increases in the fitting of deadlocks and window locks.

All the evidence shows that investing in home security pays dividends, with the victims of burglaries tending to have lower levels of security than non-victims.

The installation of security devices buys you time. The burglar knows that the longer it takes him to get in to your home and the more noise he makes in doing this, will dramatically increase his chances of being caught, and will therefore hopefully persuade him to look for an easier target elsewhere.

With the significant drop in the price of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), security cameras , over the last few years, they are now increasingly being installed in domestic premises. They are used to monitor and record activity in a number of areas, specifically callers at the front door. Cameras are available in a number of sizes and styles, some being very conspicuous and others hidden, disguised or spy versions. Picture outputs are available in black and white or colour

Insurers now specify the grade of locks that you must have on your doors and have been known not to pay out after a break-in, if the locks fitted are either inadequate or have not been secured prior to break-in.


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