Defense Self – Discover How You Can Protect Your Family and Yourself Now

Defense Self – Discover How You Can Protect Your Family and Yourself Now

Defense self, means different things to different people, it does not necessarily mean fighting back.

Most good, law abiding people don’t want to face the fact (although that is changing), that there is considerable evil in this world, but unfortunately evil does exist and sometimes it comes to visit us or our families. The police cannot protect all of us all of the time, they don’t have the manpower or in some cases the inclination to provide this sort of service. We have to learn to protect ourselves, while keeping within the law if possible, otherwise we are likely to be the ones that are prosecuted in this crazy world, rather than our attackers.

Life is cheap to some of these scumbags who will kill or seriously injure for enough money to get there next fix. Crime is on the increase and without being alarmist, its time we all look at ways of self defense to defend ourselves and our families. What right has anyone got to harm you or your family?

Defense self, primarily means trying to avoid confrontations. Anticipation and avoidance should always be employed – seeing and recognising danger signs is still the best form of self defense.

it is easier to keep out of trouble
than it is to get out of trouble.

The greatest warrior wins without fighting. Sun Tzu’s – Art of War


Is not being prepared worth your life?
Your wife’s life?
Your husband’s life?
Your child’s life?

It is estimated that in over 90% of violent crimes against individuals, warning signs that were present were either not recognised by the victim or were totally ignored. Defense self, should be practiced from the minute you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night, you should be in a relaxed but alert state. This means being constantly aware of your changing surroundings and in a state to recognise and react to a problem if one arose. Defense self also means learning to trust your gut feelings, if things don’t feel quite right, they probably aren’t, so take action accordingly.

Talk to aggressors in a relaxed manner without provoking them, remember many aggressors are poorly educated and have low IQ’s and may also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t humiliate, patronise or argue with your aggressors as this is one of the quickest ways to provoke a fight.

Your body language is also important in these types of situation as appearing fearful or stressed can actually provoke an attack.

Whatever happens don’t plead for mercy, grovel or beg, this only gives the aggressor more power and normally makes them even more aggressive. Look tough, confident and unflustered and maintain a comfortable distance between you and your aggressor. Get control of yourself quickly in any difficult situation, as panic can disable your thoughts and actions.

If the attackers (around 50% of robberies and assaults are committed by multiple assailants) appear to just want your money or your belongings, let them have them. By acceding to their demands you may remain unharmed. This course of action especially applies if they are armed with a knife or a gun. Experts all agree that you are likely to lose a fight in this type of situation, even if you are highly trained in martial arts, which are often not relevant in a real life conflict. The goal is to avoid fighting, avoid harm and survive, don’t let your ego get you or others hurt or possibly even killed. Taking action to avoid a conflict is not cowardice, it’s just common sense kicking in, it’s all part of defense self.

Special forces units have a saying, which I agree with:

‘It’s better to be judged by twelve men
than carried by six men’

Attackers often test their potential victims before attacking them, they will often shout, curse or bump into you. They want you to become rattled, to stop and in effect, turn yourself over to him. Prepare yourself now for this sort of test – look tough, confident and unflustered.

If however a fight cannot be avoided, you cannot afford to be squeamish about inflicting injury (it may be for your life), use the tools you have at your disposal, fingers, fingernails, thumbs ,teeth, elbows and legs. Get a finger in their eye and gouge, get fingers in his mouth and dig in with your nails and rip his cheeks out. The same goes for nostrils, ears and balls: rip, tear, gouge, squeeze and twist. Then run when you get the chance.

Defense self, may also involve the use of some form of self protection device such as:

Personal Alarm
Stun gun
Pepper spray


    • Fighting back may induce your attacker to greater violence
    • No one can tell you what your response should be to a particular situation
    • The law states that you must only use reasonable force (your definition may be different from theirs, especially in the heat of the moment).
    • You must not use or carry an offensive weapon. However, bags, books, pens, keys, umbrellas, heels of shoes, credit cards, mobile phone aerials, handbags, combs and sprays could all be used as improvised weapons to protect you.
  • Fear induced aggression causes an adrenaline dump which can be devastating if you are not prepared for it, it can cause us to freeze up and lose coordination.

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