Protect America: Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Protect America: Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Home security is typically an urgent priority for any household. Any home is at risk of infiltration, and you want to make sure that you’re truly keeping your family safe.
However, the variety of home security systems available makes deciding on a company and security plan difficult. Here are a few reasons that Protect America Home Security systems are the superior home security choice.

The Benefits of Protect America Home Security

  • Protect America Home Security systems focus on a home’s points of entry. Instead of incorporating convoluted motion sensor setups, premium Protect America packages simply add security features to more of your home’s doors and windows. When all of the points of entry are securely covered, additional motion sensors are a superfluous expense to a home security system.
  • Protect America offers the most affordable home security options for securing your home. With free installation and premium package prices to rival the cost of other security companies, such as ADT, Protect America Home Security systems are the best that money can buy.
  • With five packages for enhancing the security of your home, you’re guaranteed to find a package that suits the needs of your household. The most basic package generously includes 3 door sensors, and each of the plans include a motion sensor.
  • Monthly Protect America security monitoring rates are guaranteed to remain fixed. This means that you can expect a steady rate for the security coverage you need.

Additional Features

A lifetime alarm system parts warranty ensures that the components of your Protect America Home Security system remain operable for as long as the system is in place. Protect America will repair or replace defective security system elements, so you don’t have to worry about any part of your home security system letting you or your family down.
Also, homes equipped with Protect America Home Security systems are eligible for substantial discounts on annual home insurance premiums. Combined with the money you’ll save on a security system through your home insurance, Protect America security plans offer the greatest bargain among home security companies.
Finally, Protect America Home Security systems are completely wireless. You won’t have to worry about drilling holes in your walls or running unsightly cables through your home. The security sensors offered by Protect America communicate with the entire system remotely, so a technical failure in a complicated wiring scheme isn’t a possibility.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Hopefully you now understand why these security systems are the best option for your home security needs. Keeping your family and your home safe is essential, and no other security system provider can help you do that like Protect America. The dependability, flexibility, and reliability of Protect America Home Security systems outrank those of any competitor.

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