How to do Meghalaya Trip in Budget ?

How to do Meghalaya Trip in Budget?


After completion of my Meghalaya visit many friends requested that North East is expensive, so let me also throw light on the cost of Meghalaya visit. Everyone has the same question – How to do Meghalaya Trip on Budget? My trip to Assam and Meghalaya can be read on My Northeast Journey: The State of My Dreams Meghalaya. Let me tell you about the cost of Meghalaya travel.

As you all must be aware, there is a big problem with the public transport system in the entire North East and hotels are also not cheap. So it is not cheap to roam the Northeast i.e. North East. But by jugaad, the deteriorating budget can be handled a little. We used some of these tips on this trip and some of them were learned after spending a lot of money.

Is this a joke now?

Book hotels online two to four months in advance. Our co-traveler from Shillong, whom we met on the bus, Mrs. Agarwal had booked air tickets and hotels four months in advance and absolutely on a stealing deal. 700 rupees hotel, absolutely heart-warming, with free morning tea and snacks. The same hotel was looking at 4000 in October. Meaning, by pre-booking, you can reduce expenses on hotels and air tickets. And yes, use apps like GoiBiBo, Trivago for hotel booking. Cheap deals are available here.

When to go for a budget trip?

First of all, know this and assume that August and September are off-season for Meghalaya. Recession looms large all around. You can bargain everywhere from hotel to car and from shopping to tour package and everything will be cheap. Hotels are lying vacant and overcrowding is also less and the advantage of all this is that the hotel does not cut your pocket. Now my post has awakened your nomadic worms and if you are also planning to go on a Meghalaya trip or when hotels look cheap, then make plans. And if you cannot spend such a long time, then be ready to cut your pocket. The hotels which are currently seen in the range of Rs.800-1000 will be available in the range of Rs.2000-5000 from October. Now you think.

Try this trick too…

For hotel booking, look for alternatives away from the market, within a radius of one to two kilometers, where there is an option of local taxi or city bus to go. We stayed three kilometers away from the police market, walked one kilometer, and used to measure the rest of the distance in a shared taxi for just Rs.10-10. The same recipe was tried by Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal Ji too, there was a bus service in their route. He used to reach the police market by city bus comfortably for 10-10 rupees. After all, he was also a very strong Jugaadu traveler.

What to do to travel on the budget?

State Tourism has a very small office in Shillong in Police Bazaar, just opposite the bus stand. On the day of arrival, check-in at the hotel and do this tour, first of all, refreshed. Find out which trip is final or is likely to go tomorrow day after day. From here you can see and roam around the main tourist places like Shillong Sightseeing, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Mausinram, etc. in a tourist bus with many unknown people, including or will have a guide. Cherrapunji is only Rs.350 and downy only Rs.500 per person.

To be honest, traveling on a tourist bus in Meghalaya was a different pleasure. When no one was coming out because of the rain, then four of us who came after seeing the waterfall in the heavy rain, provoked the rest, pushed and then the whole bus got empty. We four owls kept laughing while sitting on the bus. When others were coming back and thanking us, expressing gratitude, insisting on seeing such a beautiful place, and almost forcing us to send, it felt really good. When a Bengali woman came and said, “Na deal pagol hui jaaye”, then the whole bus was heard laughing for a while. You can’t do this joy, laughter, and chuckle while roaming around by hiring a car. You and only you will be in the car and that is why we stay in our house for 365 days anyway.

There are more jugaads…

Now even if you do not get a tourist bus trip to the place of your choice, then you will find co-travelers in your hotel, at the police market stand in the morning. Many times taxi drivers were also found calling for share rides. You share a taxi with one or two people, the price for which you will go on the bus, you will get a car like Dzire at the same price. Alto will get even cheaper. But for this, you will have to reach the stand from 7 am to 7:30 pm, after that you will have to do your own jugaad. Here the option of a share a taxi is almost non-existent.

After visiting Sikkim and Meghalaya in the Northeast, it was understood that walking in a group is the best option to roam here. If there are three or four people in the family or if you are going in a group of similar people, then hire a cool car and keep roaming, the expenses will be divided. Solo or backpackers who want to travel on a budget, it is a bit difficult for them. But even if they do not get the Meghalaya tourism bus, then they can manage their budget by sharing the car with other passengers from the above jugaad. We peeped in many hotels, did not get the facility of geometry anywhere. But have heard that there are some places for backpackers too, but that too is not cheap at all.

Vegetarian food is not available in North East

You must have also heard something like this about North East i.e. Northeast. When I finalized my trip and was taking people’s opinion for food and drink there, everyone said that if you have been a vegetarian, then you will have to come back after eating meat and there is no other option.

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