Best Home Security Recommendations On The (Free) Market

Best Home Security Recommendations On The (Free) Market

If you are looking for home security recommendations, you may get overwhelmed quickly. There are many systems on the market. A big part of home security, however, isn’t about the system at all. Rather, there are a lot of things you can do to make your home more secure that doesn’t involve buying a home security system.

Here are the best home security recommendations on the (free) market.

If you are tempted to get a hide-a-key, resist. When people have hide-a-keys they might as well leave a welcome mat out for burglars. No matter how sly you think you are with your hide-a-key system, burglars have seen it all. If you are worried because you are someone who constantly loses their keys or locks themselves out, then invest in a keypad lock with a code or a fingerprint lock.

Ditto on keeping a set of house keys inside your car. This is especially important for people who don’t lock their cars, but even leaving them in a locked car isn’t smart. If burglars figure out how to gain access to your car, they have your house too.

Even if gardening isn’t your thing, you need to make sure you tame those hedges and bushes. If your neighbors can’t see into your yard, then they can’t help you by acting as neighborhood watch. Hedges and bushes that have been allowed to blossom into a wild tangle are a perfect cover for burglars. Make sure you have the foliage trimmed back, your door is visible, and your outside lights are bright and working. Some folks really like the body heat-sensing lights or motion lights for heightened security.

If you have locks that are broken, be sure to fix them. Ensure that every window lock and every door lock is working, strong, and modern. People think that second and third-story window locks don’t matter, but they do. The overhang from trees can give thieves access, and clever burglars can think of a host of ways to get into the upper floor of your home.

For some reason, people forget about their storage sheds. Sometimes homeowners will have the latest and greatest home security and then leave storage shed unlocked in their yard. Keep your sheds locked. Why give burglars your tools that they can then use to get into your house? Your ladder can be used to climb into your second story and get into your house. So keep your shed locked at all times.

These home security recommendations may seem like common sense, but we all forget. Just like some people forget to turn the security alarm they do have on. It does you no good to have a fancy alarm that you don’t turn on.

These common-sense measures will go a long way toward protecting you, but there is no replacement for a home security alarm system. As far as home security recommendations go, this one is tops. Security systems give you the peace of mind to travel without worry that you will come home to your house having been vandalized.

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