Which security system is best for home security?

Which security system is best for home security?

Before I answer this question objectively, I think there is a need to know more about this important topic.

The scope of this discussion will not be limited to the solutions used by Indians to keep their home safe, but would also like to discuss the solutions used in the rest of the world.

I personally believe that we Indians make a lot of efforts to keep our home and valuables safe, such as thick walls with more iron and concrete to strengthen the house, strong iron grills outside the glass windows and additional iron doors outside the doors, etc.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the houses of India are probably stronger than the houses of the rest of the world. However, it does not make any difference to thieves, robbers, and opportunists. Every day we keep reading such news in the newspapers.

Why does it happen that we Indians are not able to go on a long holiday without worry?

Then the question arises that can technology helps us on this subject?

CCTV – Available almost everywhere, but does it help with home security?

Home automation, home security, IoT, smart home, we hear many new words every day, but what exactly is right for us?

I think if I write about all the questions, I may have to write a whole book. Therefore, for information about home security, I am giving some links at the bottom of this question, please take a look at them too.

CCTV Camera – Cheapest, Most Common. You can see it on every street corner. Better for big shops, departmental stores and public places. where monitoring is required. And because of them the public behaves in a civilized manner. (not thieves and robbers)

CCTV exerts a psychological effect. For example, the chances of a person urinating on the wall of the garden or stealing the light bulb increases if he knows that there is no one here to see me. That is why many people put a dummy camera in such places due to this psychology. But there are many reasons why it is not effective in protecting homes.

1) Thieves don’t care about getting their face recorded, because they don’t have any social prestige.

2) He can enter the house by covering his mouth.

3) The power supply of the camera can be cut off because CCTV does not have a battery.

4) Or thieves can take your DVR along with the stolen goods.

So in short CCTV cameras are useful for big shops, malls, parking areas etc. But if you think about the security of the house, then it is not so useful.

IP Camera – The next most common device. Very useful, you can watch inside or outside your home from anywhere using your mobile phone. Video quality is very good as compared to CCTV. And no wiring is required. You can buy it from Amazon or Flipkart. And you can also install it by yourself. This is a very useful device for those who have elderly people at home, or small children who need constant attention or you also want to make sure that your maid is doing her job properly when you are out of your home. Is it happening or not?

But while selecting an IP camera, you need to work with a little mind, because – Google Nest camera which costs 300 USD (i.e. 22000 / – price of a camera in Indian rupees), Ring (which is Amazon’s company) Each one of the cameras comes in the same price. And other Chinese products that come with some extra features are sold in Amazon and Flipkart for Rs 2000-3000, that too with hundreds of good reviews! (Usually these cameras come with mobile apps like Yoosee, IPC360, Smart_Life, 360eye, TooSee or some strange name)

So why do Ring, Google or any good western brand cost so much? Is it because they look better? Or is the build quality better? Or brand value? Or because of features like Alexa or Eco Integration?

The answer is – this is because these companies ensure privacy. You can be sure that no one is looking at your camera except you. These companies never keep any video on their servers.

That’s why I suggest that if you need a camera where privacy doesn’t matter to you, then you can buy such cameras from Amazon or Flipkart, which have good reviews. These will last for some time and after that they will stop working or cause many other problems.

But if you want to buy a camera to use inside your home, then try to know about the after purchase service, piece of mind, privacy and its long life. Some such options are also available like Ring, Google, Nest, Hipcam etc. These will definitely be a little expensive but will also give peace of mind, long life and a good experience.

Smart Doorbell or Video Doorbell – Another good product. Not long ago, a doorbell was a device that had a unit facing out to the side and a display.

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