Fire Safety: Emergency Evacuation Plans

Fire Safety: Emergency Evacuation Plans

All members of the family need to know the way out in case of an emergency.

The most important part of home fire safety is “Be Prepared”

One way to guarantee that you are prepared is to discuss and practice with your family emergency evacuation routes.
Emergency evacuation plans are quite simple to make and should include the following:

A layout of your house. The drawing does not have to be professionally done but it should include: bedrooms, living areas, garages, and bathrooms.
Each room should show two different means of exiting the room. Egress can be through a door or a window.
Discuss a predetermined meeting place to avoid separation and confusion.
Practice evacuating from each and every room so that you are familiar with each and every route.
Evacuation plans need to be practiced on a routine basis. Should a fire breakout, stay calm and evacuate your home the way that you practiced.

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