reliable First Alert Home Security Systems

reliable First Alert
Home Security Systems

First Alert home security systems is a Honeywell company, which is a world leader in providing security products and solutions. First Alert has the largest independent security dealer network in the world with 500 dealer offices. The dealers offer quality products and fast service.

A full line of security devices is available:
1. Magnetic contacts for doors and windows.
2. Motion detectors that can distinguish the difference between a crawling intruder and an animal that weighs up to 70 lbs.
3. Glass break detectors will sound an alarm when a glass of protected doors and windows is broken.
4. A Siren can be installed that will alert you when an intruder tries to break in.
5. Smoke detectors that can be monitored by a central station. The central station will notify the fire department.
6. Keypads that are easy to use.
7. Quality wireless products that have a good range, stability, and long battery life.
8. An interactive phone module allows you to check the status of the system or arm the system from a phone.
9. A wireless key that fits on your key chain. It lets you turn on lights or disarm the system.
10. A control panel that controls all the products.

First Alert security systems can be used with central monitoring. Monitoring can be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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