Fire protection methods

Fire protection methods
1. In case of fire, immediately inform by calling the 101 number. Don’t think that someone else may have already reported it.

2. In case of fire, first activate the fire alarm of the building. Then alert the people by shouting “Aag-Aag” very loudly. Give warnings in fewer words, otherwise, it will take more time for people to understand the seriousness of the incident.

3. Do not use the lift in case of fire, use the stairs only.

4. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth when inhaled with smoke.

5. If you are trapped in a room full of smoke and there is no way out, then close the door, and seal all the cracks and crevices with wet towels or sheets, so that the smoke does not get in.

6. If the fire is in your own building, and you are not trapped, then come out first and stop there and report the incident to the fire service on number 101.

7. Be sure to install smoke detectors in your home and office because it is always better and better to take measures for your own safety.

8. Get the fire alarm, smoke detector, water source, public address system, fire extinguisher installed in the building checked at regular intervals.

9. Check the date of the fire extinguishers near you. Note that it should be serviced from time to time and the gas or chemical that extinguishes the fire should be replaced/filled.

10. When and how to use the fire extinguisher, must know about it and also inform people about it.

11. The building committee should conduct fire drills every six months. The emergency assembly point should also be inspected.
12. Do not allow a crowd near the spot, it hinders the emergency fire service and rescue operations. In such a situation call 101 and get away from there.
13. If your clothes catch on fire, don’t run away, it will inflame the fire even more. Lie down on the ground and rollback. Put out the fire by covering it with a blanket, coat, or heavy cloth.

14. If you are not trained in emergency service and fire safety, do not instruct people trapped in a fire. By doing this you can mislead or mislead them, which can also lead to loss of life.

15. Heavy smoke and poisonous gas first collects on the roof side, so if there is smoke then sit on the ground.

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