Self-defense and Security

Self-defense and Security

Taser X26C Review

Safety is always an issue when it comes to our society. With all the trouble and danger that we face nowadays, you need to pack along something that you can use to defend yourself. While getting a gun can be a common occurrence in our society today, it poses some danger for those who have little to no idea in handling it and it can even pose danger to other members of the family, not to mention the long process that you have to undergo to get yourself a gun license and trained to properly use a gun.


That’s the reason why most people opt to arm themselves with self-defense devices such as tasers since they’re a lot safer and easier to use. The Taser X26C is considered to be one of the best tasers out there and here are some of the reasons why.

The Taser X26C Features

Being known as the taser that’s often carried by many police officers, the Taser X26C is best known for its length of wires on the electrodes. While the consumer tasers that are available in the market only reach about 15 feet long, this premium self-defense taser is coveted by a lot of people who want a premium self-defense weapon to protect themselves and their families. While being smaller compared to the Taser M26C model, the X26C is notably different because of its comfortable and shorter pistol grip. This makes the Taser X26C more convenient to carry around and a lot lighter in terms of weight.

All tasers make use of the same Neuromuscular Incapacitation or NMI technology which allows for the use of the lower voltages and amperages rather than direct contact stun guns. So when the current hits the target body, the nervous system goes haywire and loses its control as the electrical discharge is released.

The Taser X26C’s software, the Electronic Control Device (ECD), can be upgraded. With bars on the ends of the wires, this device shoots towards the subject, penetrating up to an inch of clothing to deliver a powerful shock. The cartridges are also replaceable and make use of nitrogen to provide propulsion to fire the wires and barbs from the taser which makes it both a mid-range self-defense weapon and a close-range stun gun.

In the Package

When purchasing the Taser X26C, the package includes the X26C model, six air cartridges that are about 15 inches, a user manual, a case of training materials, a carrying case for the Taser X26C, a practice target to hone your skill in using the X26C, one digital power magazine (DPM), and a nylon holster for convenient carrying of the X26C while still sporting a stylish feel and look.

The Verdict

When it comes to safety, a top-quality stun gun is a must for those who want to protect their family, loved ones, and themselves. With the number of tasers that are available in the market booming, it’s hard to pick the best one. But with the Taser X26C, you certainly wouldn’t go wrong with it.

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