Family Protection

Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention The VAP or Vertical Auto Profile test provides a more sensitive marker for heart disease, identifying more than 90% of people at risk for cardiovascular disease, compared to 40% for routine cholesterol screenings. While the standard screening reports four components of blood cholesterol, The VAP includes 20. Prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Cognitive Decline … Read more

Monitored Home Security Systems

Monitored Home Security Systems There’s a big difference between a standard home security systems and a monitored security system. Monitored home security systems help protect your Orem home by monitoring for burglaries and other emergencies. Many national home security providers, including ADT, deliver burglary monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week. But that’s not the case … Read more

Protect your Family. Protect your property. Keep Damage and Harm at Bay Keep what’s yours Safe.

Protect your Family. Protect your property. Keep Damage and Harm at Bay Keep  what’s yours Safe. Security Items Wireless Strobe Siren An alarm system that uses a siren along with a strobe light in cases of burglary. Powerful batteries keep working in power cuts. Different alerts for theft and fire. Wireless Villa Video Door Phone Wireless monitoring, indoors and outdoors … Read more